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NB! Copenhagen Housing is now called Charlie’s Roof. Please click here and take a look at our new site.

The founder & CEO:

Charlotte Dalgaard Larsen is the mother of a 4-year old daughter, who lives with her husband in Amager.

Charlotte has been in the real estate and housing business for more than 14 years, and at the beginning of her career worked primarily with international real estate investments. In March 2011 she was hired to start up the International Housing Department at the Technology  University of Denmark (DTU) where she was International Housing Consultant for almost 3 years.

It was in this job that Charlotte learned the pleasure of assisting international students and expats in finding their homes in Denmark. She loved this job so much that she decided to start an independent business doing exactly that, helping internationals find homes in the rather challenging Danish housing market, and hence Copenhagen Housing was founded.

The team:

To support Charlotte, Copenhagen Housing has 6 other staff

  • Lars, the father of a new born son and married living in Hvidovre, is a housing agent focusing on clients looking for accommodation on Zealand. When he’s not helping clients, Lars is usually fixing the printer or editing the website.
  • Maiken, the mother of 2 living in Hellerup after more than 25 years abroad. Maiken is a housing agent focusing on clients looking for accommodation on Zealand and she is also our social media expert.
  • Alison, works in the administration department and is our miracle-worker, who can do everything from figuring out the alarm system, to handling Budget and Shared Service clients and package clients.
  • Jesper, our Århus agent, who works hard on spreading the word about our team and how we can help in Århus and rest of Jutland.
  • Yushan, works on the administration and receives all initial e-mails.
  • Melanie, the expert of soft values when it comes to relocating. Our housing agents take care of all of the housing-related issues, and Melanie can help you when it comes to…well… everything else.

As a team, the 7 of  us will do all we can to help you and your family settle down and feel good in Denmark!
Please note that we don’t receive commission from the landlords. We are 100% independent from the landlords and only get paid by our clients (the tenants), so we ONLY work for you and no one else.

Welcome to Copenhagen Housing!


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We support children without homes or families: