Budget Accommodation Service

The Budget Accommodation Service is designed to find housing in Copenhagen for people on a strict budget. This segment of the market is notoriously difficult, which is why it requires a different approach.

The basic, standard, plus and deluxe packages we offer all charge a ‘start-up’ fee in order to initiate the search for housing. This requires a certain level of confidence that the property being searched for is likely to be available. This unfortunately is not the case with budget accommodation in Copenhagen, as it comes onto and off the market so quickly and irregularly. However, our network of landlords and housing agencies do send us information about cheaper accommodation whenever it becomes available, so we would like to be able to pass this information onto our clients who are interested. This is why we have set up the Budget Accommodation Service.

What you get: You get the option to use our broad network of housing agencies, landlords, administrators, investors and everyone else with housing opportunities in Denmark. We do our very best to maintain and extend our network on a daily basis, which gives us – and thereby you – a head start when it comes to actually securing the housing options.

It works as follows: after registration, your information (including criteria of what you are looking for) is entered into our database. When a new offer of ‘cheap’ accommodation is sent to us by a landlord or housing agent, we will email all registrants to the Budget Accommodation Service. If you are interested in the property you must reply to the email and then we will set up a viewing. It is important to be quick in your response and flexible with viewing times as these apartments are typically off the market very quickly after they have become available. If you are successful in getting a contract for a property we will assist in finalising the details and negotiating with the landlord, where possible/necessary.

The pricing for the Budget Accommodation Service is split into two invoices: the first is for the Registration Fee of 200 DKK + VAT, which allows you to register your details to our system. The final invoice is only sent after accommodation has been successfully secured, and is 4.000 DKK + VAT.

If you are interested in registering for the Budget Accommodation Service please send an email to info@copenhagenhousing.dk and include the following information: name, occupation, contact details, budget (excluding utilities), location preferences, size preferences (rooms and m2), furnished or unfurnished, ideal move-in date and ideal contract length.