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Relocation and accommodation in Copenhagen, made easy!

The prime aim of Copenhagen Housing is making your relocation to Denmark as easy as possible. We are aware that one of the main obstacles today is given by a really complex accommodation market, and finding the right solution for you may take weeks, if not months.

Copenhagen Housing offers a competitive and effective service that will save you a lot of time while searching for rooms, apartments or houses in Copenhagen, helping you in all the different stages, from the choice of the type of accommodation that fits you, to the signing of the contract.

We usually work with many different customers: whether you are a professional, a family or a student, reach out to us at for any additional info and request.

In the following pages you can find different information according to your current situation:

Are you moving to Denmark from abroad?

Are you already living in Copenhagen?

Are you looking for a room in a shared apartment?

Are you looking to share an apartment with friends?

Are you looking for accommodation on a tight budget?