Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

By engaging with Copenhagen Housing, you have accepted the following Terms & Conditions:

  • We cannot offer any guarantees of finding you accommodation. We only take on clients who we think we can offer a realistic chance of helping but nonetheless,due to the nature of the rental market in Copenhagen and Århus, we simply cannot give a concrete guarantee
  • We do not set deadlines for finding you suitable accommodation, due to the nature of the housing market. We do everything we can to find you a sutable home within your required timeframe.
  • There are no set number of housing options we will offer to you.
  • Sometimes we will offer the same housing option to multiple clients in order to avoid losing the housing if the first client does not choose the option. We will always be open and transparent about who is ’first in line’ to secure the option if multiple clients are interested.
  • If you succeed in finding housing through a different medium than Copenhagen Housing, we would appreciate that you inform us so that we can dedicate our resources to helping others find accommodation.
  • If you are looking for accommodation on the cheaper end of the market you must be prepared to act fast. You must be willing to go on viewings at short notice and to accept a lease contract at short notice, as that is the nature of the rental market in Copenhagen and Århus. If you do not reply to communications from us with regards a viewing within 12 hours, the option may be passed on to another client.
  • Copenhagen Housing cannot provide legal advice. For official legal help, you may contact a local attorney.
  • We require you, as a tenant, to maintain the tenancy you get through us. We expect that you keep the house rules and maintain a good relationship with your landlord. Our landlord network is of great importance to us, and we assume that all of our clients help us maintain this good relationship.
  • Budget Accommodation Service and Shared Accommodation Service members: when we arrange a viewing on your behalf and you choose not to attend you must give one full working day’s notice (e.g. if the viewing is planned for Monday morning, you must tell us on Friday morning at the latest if you need to cancel). If you do not give satisfactory notice for cancelling a viewing, your membership to the service will be immediately revoked, as ‘no-shows’ have a very detrimental effect on our relationships with landlords.
  • Disclaimer:Copenhagen Housing is not advisory liability insured, and therefore no claims can be made against Copenhagen Housing.The use of advice received by Copenhagen Housing is at your own risk.

    Copenhagen Housing er ikke rådgiveransvarsforsikret, og dermed kan intet krav som følge af den vejledende rådgivning gøres gældende mod Copenhagen Housing. Anvendelse af vejledning og / eller vejledende rådgivning modtaget fra Copenhagen Housing er således på eget ansvar.

Payment Guidelines

  • International transfers always incur an additional charge of 75 kroner.
  • The start-up / registration fee can never be refunded.
  • After an invoice is sent, payment must be made within 8 days. Thereafter, a charge of 200 DKK is incurred and daily interest will be charged at 5%.